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Carpinteria Library

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Art on the Walls

Enjoy the work of local artists on the walls of the book store. All art sales from the bookstore benefit Friends of the Library, yet another way we are working to support the Carpinteria Branch Library.

Peggy Oki

An icon of Southern California surf and skate culture from the 1970s onward, Oki combines intense athleticism with decades of immediate and personal environmental experiences. Her watercolor work conveys the majesty of the marine mammals she fights tirelessly to protect. See for an online gallery sampling of her paintings. “While surfing and climbing are great physical expression combined with visual and soulful experiences,” Oki relates, “making art for me is a great visual and soulful expression combined with the physical experience of painting. Whether in my studio or outdoors in a natural setting, these passions complement each other, and my attention is shared between them to create a balance that I liken to the natural subjects that inspire me.”

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